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Cant seem to position my Embed Code on a page



Ive been trying & experimenting with  various hosting methods to settle in on a final one for my long term caspio project.

I had wix, weebly, godaddy , which I abandoned due to the passing parameters situation.

Now im hosting the site on my own office IIS server, as caspio support suggested would be the best bet for the long run.

and I would have more control on the HTML.


Im having a strange problem,

-When i used wix, weebly etc using the embed code , I had perfect control of where i could drag ,drop or postion

and display it on my page;


-On my own IIS server, the datapage is displayed ONLY in the default corner on the top left hand corner.


-If I use inline frame deploy code - it works perfectly.

But obviously im trying to get away from that because of the passing parameters situation.


Ive tried all sorts of div tags etc..using the deploy embed code,

it just wont position itself where i want to - like in the middle of the page

It just shows up in the top left hand corner.


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