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child forms on a datapage using direct links



I am trying to create child forms and combine them on a single report details DataPage to enable data entry and updates into related tables that have a One-to-Many Relationship with the Main Data table.

I got the idea from this YouTube video, except for the fact that I want to use Caspio direct links, not embed the child forms in an external page. The first comment on the YouTube demo is: Is it possible to combine those without using an outside website?and the reply is  “It is possible to combine them using Caspio's direct links, but that's something that our support team will need to show you.”

I asked my point of contact via email and he suggested ‘You may try to deploy child forms (use iFrame deployment code) in the Header\Footer\HTML block of the parent form. To filter a child form you may use the option of receiving the ID parameter on a page on load. ‘

Sadly this doesn’t work.  I have also tried to pick up the Id from the main page but that url shows as 


And the RecordID embedded in this url does not match the primary key in the Main Table.

Does anyone have an easy implemented solution for my problem?


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Hi vanderLeest,

This may be an old post but if you are still trying to get that done, I think this could help you.

You can have virtual fields to get the data from your users. Then with the API, you can send whatever fields to whatever table on form submit for example.

I have created some forms that all data is entered in a single form but data is being sent to multiple tables.

I hope it gives you some light.

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