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Pass parameter from a submission page to a popup page

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You can try the code below in HTML below the field


<input type="button" onclick="getlink();" value="Open" />


function getlink(){

var id = document.getElementsByName('InsertRecordFIELDNAME')[0].value;
var url = "URL OF THE PAGE&n=" + id;


It will generate a button to pass the value over to a pop up page. You need to replace FIELDNAME with the actual field name that you keep the value in and also URL OF THE PAGE with the pop up page URL

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5 hours ago, Paul160 said:

Hi @MayMusic,

in regards to the above if my parameter has spaces then the receiving field shows as eg ab%20cd instead of ab cd, how can I rectify this.

I am a complete newbie, thanks in advance.

That's how it works, it's on the Browser Level, but it should still pass it normally. it works fine on my end

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