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Combining Report and Form datapages same webpage - single Auth.



I have a basic app with only one group of authenticated users (no roles) achieved thru registration.  User registers, logs in, then can enter some data using a basic form.  OVer time they will add more records via the form and only see their records.

Only two tables: Registered users and a Form Data.  One authentication.  No authentication table.

Im trying to combine two datapages emdeded on one webpage - one form and one report so that on one page the user could see the summary report of their current data and also submit another entry. See below:


Works well, but because they are both set for record level access when I choose LOGOUT both sections show a login box.  


Would like logoff to go to one page to log back in.  tried to create a static Login Page with redirect but it wouldnt work. I tried a View but couldn't get it to work. 

Followed many of the how to's but since this one is simple (no roles) none of the examples quite apply.  All input welcome.



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On 8/14/2017 at 3:00 AM, roattw said:

Or maybe I could alter the approach/question.

If you had only one group of users that self register, then login to enter weekly form data that appends to thier account as a new row of form data, and users could only see their data, how best to set it up?

Regarding hiding multiply login forms, you may have a look at this article

Since you use grouping, "inline insert" cannot be enabled for your report. However, if grouping is not very important for you, you may try disabling groping and enabling  inline insert. IMHO this is best option for this case, because you can insert data directly on report

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