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Delete row from a tabular report based on the result of a calculated field

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I saw this How-to article on changing the background of a row based on the value of a field:


However, I need to delete the row instead of changing its background color. Also, I need to delete the row when a calculation returns a blank value.

Is this possible? I don't know how to write JavaScript code.


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Hi dspolyglot,

You can try creating an HTML block and put this template code:

<div id="row-marker-[@field:ID_FIELD_NAME]"></div>
    var marker = document.getElementById('row-marker-[@field:ID_FIELD_NAME]');
    var column = marker.parentNode;

    if ('[@calcfield:1]' === '')
        var row = column.parentNode;

Please replace ID_FIELD_NAME with the actual name of your ID/AutoNumber field. Also, don't forget to replace [@calcfield:1] with the actual calculated field you're using.

Hope this helps.

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