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Import into List String



Im a Caspio newbie currently trialling.  So far Ive been able to do most of what.  I like the user of 'List' items to allow multiple selections in a field.

However, I cant see a way to import into such a field - is this possible or not ?  Even if I define all the potential values upfront ?


Other question - looks like you cant update or import between tables in caspio - only from an external source - is this correct ?


thanks in advance for any advice,


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Hello Nick,


You can use Caspio special data type called List-String which support multiselection with predefined choices.

Here is the link to Howto article: Data-types/list

You may use REST/SOAP API Caspio functionality to update/import the data in Caspio from an external source.

Here is the link: Web-services-api

You may also consider using Zapier to simplify the integration development.

Here is the link: Integration/zapier


Hope this helps.

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Hi there, I believe you can convert the existing list-string field in Caspio table to the Text field then try to import it again to your table. It worked for me and might as well work on your end. Also, there is a similar forum post that you can check : 

 For more information about the List-String DataTypes: https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/data-types/list/

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