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Multiple autosubmit



I am trying to create a financial analysis table (that I can generate graphs and reports from) with fields that will autofill from existing table records that then reference lookup tables specific to each analysis. In addition, there are a number of independant variables (Y) built into the formula fields which reference the "Year" field (from 1 to 25).

Is it possible for me to create a submit and a single record update form that autosubmits through 25 repetitions of these calculations (by passing Year as the parameter and adding 1 until the 25th record is submitted), then generate my graph and report from this table?

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Hi ckunkleman,

For autosubmitting, you can use parameters and then an autosubmit script in your datapage but that is very slow and hard to track errors. Best way would be through API. You can loop through the 25 records and add them to your table recursively, I have done that before for a raffle system where user could sell up to 20 tickets in one shot and it worked like a charm.

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