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Taking Attendance / Gradebook Function



Does anyone have thoughts on how I could create a system for taking attendance or operating a gradebook with Caspio?  I've been thinking about this for over a year, but I haven't come up with anything that isn't too crude.  Here is what I would like to see:

  • A table has student names and IDs, along with several events (e.g., the date a group met, or the title of an assignment).
  • A user (teacher/coach/group leader) can take attendance for the event by marking students "present" or "absent" in a submission form.


This is the challenge I see:

  • Users don't always know the "events" when the table is created, and they are not Caspio developers who can modify table structures.  
  • So...creating a new "event" would actually require me to edit the table with a new field, which I do NOT want to do every time a user creates an event.


I'm thinking there must be a way to do this with multiple tables, and perhaps views or relationships.  But then there comes the challenge of marking multiple students "present" or "absent" at the same time.


Any thoughts or insights would be appreciated.

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Hello mdeevers,


First of all, I would recommend you using following relationship structure for your project.

You should have separate tables for Students, Events and a joint table which will store corresponding ID`s from tables Students, Events.

The joint table should also have a field which will capture an attendance status.

You may also utilize Triggered Action feature which can create students records in the joint table upon creation of the new event.

Finally, you can build a Tabular Report Datapage based on the joint table with Bulk edit feature enabled in order to assign attendance status for several students simultaneously.

Hope this helps.





Table design.JPG


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