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triggered action to create record in child table



i am thinking that this is not possible with triggered actions  but i am looking for any alternatives that may be available.   i would like to populate a primary key into a new record in a child table so that i can avoid having to use a submission form.   ideally i would link to a details report data page from a main page using external parameter and the user would add information for that table.   each table is a different part of a process and will not all be completed at the same time so i need a way for them to reference that table even if no data has been added yet. 

Client Information (Parent Table), Workflow Table 1(Child Table, Workflow Table 2(Child Table)...

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If you want to add a row in your child table when the parent is being generated, you can easily add a trigger to the parent table on INSERT to insert the ID to the child table. Note if you have a relationship between tables and you checked REFERENTIAL INTEGRITY checked you cannot add the child as the trigger runs first and there is no parent yet to add the child so it is being considered orphan. You need to uncheck that enforce referential integrity  in relationships first

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