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Show Chart Graphs based on Table ID


Hi all,

So.. I'm trying to create a Voting Best of Dining contest.

I have for my table fields:

id | date | fname | lname | email | best_taco | best_burger | best_pizza | best_coffee | best_sandwich | best_icecream | etc.. etc

Then for the form I have:

First Name:  __________

Last Name: __________

Email: _____________

Select Best Hamburger:  O 5GUYS   O In-N-Out  O Farmer Brothers  O Carls Jr   O White Castle

Select Best Sandwich:  O Subway   O Togos  O Lees  O Quiznos   O Arbys




What I need to do, and can't figure out.. is how to create a reports page using a chart or pie-graph that allows me to tab through all the table fields to see the count for each id/category.

So.. if I'm on the results page, I would want to select, or filter, "BEST HAMBURGERS" from a menu-list and a chart for all the entries shows up, with a count for each business name clearly shown.

Like this:

5Guys = 125
In-N-Out = 250
Farmers Brothers = 84
Carls Jr = 85
White Castle = 146

And a pie chart would show me the pie graph split into 5 pieces, with totals showing for each business name.


Then, I could select from the filter menu "BEST SANDWICH" and the displayed data and pie-chart then show for that category only.


Is this possible with the current app structure I have (shown above).. or would this be a much more involved setup?


Thanks for any and all help.


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