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Data Page - Change Font Size / Weight by Column



- I have a table that contains Chinese characters in one column.

- The autoformat for Chinese characters renders them too small ad the font weight is too light.



Is there any way to  configure the font size and weight for a single column (field) in a data page?



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Thanks for the reply...could you possibly expand on your answer?

1. On the data page elements config screen (either standard or advanced), I don't see any option to add css.

- If I modify the style, then I would need a specific style for each data page.  I don't think even that wouldn't work,because I plan to use data grouping.

- Could you specify exactly where to add the css? 



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FYI for anyone else who has this question  - the following JS works, with exceptions:


<div id="mydiv[@field: AAABBB]"></div>

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> {

document.getElementById("mydiv[@field:AAA_BBB]").innerHTML ="<span style='color: #9476c9; font-size: 24px; font-family: Arial, sans-serif; font-style: normal; font-weight: bold; text-align: center;'> [@field:AAA_CCC] </span>";




AAA_                  Table Name (if underlying data source is a view)

BBB                     PK Column Name

CCC                     Column Name of the field to be displayed.



CSS text-align: center; does not work

The label override (in General Options, not in the Source area) does not work.

CASPIO - 2018-03-13 - FORMAT FIELD - 03.png

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