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Aggregates in table report



Hi All

I am trying to sum AND add a percentage to two separate columns in a tabular report.  I can do this fine with two separate aggregates:

SUM(cost_2017)*1.1 = aggregate 1

SUM(cost_2018)*1.1 = aggregate 2


But the results fall in two different rows for each aggregate.  How do I just do one aggregate, but for column 2017 costs, use the cost_2017 number and for column 2018 costs, use the cost_2018 numbers for the column 2018 costs and they fall in the same row.  I can select both the cost 2017 and cost 2018 numbers in the selected fields, but can only do a formula for EITHER of them... Doing a SUM this way works (I can pull over 2017 and 2018 costs, and get two different sums in one row), but this doesn't seem possible for formulae?

Thanks in advance



Example attached


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