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Membership fee




I would like to calculate the membership fee for members in my datapage. I would like to find in my table "member" the addition of data from the table "Shop". 

The final goal is to have a "tabular report" with one line per member and 5 columns. [3 columns for member information (AK105_calculeted, bionetz_calculeted, insurance_calculeted), 1 column for the addition of "shop A" and "Shop B" and the total at the end.]
Example: XYZ Member | 475 | 100 | 0 | 300= 875

I do not see how to do it ... Thank you.




P.S. I speak French and the translation is 100% google

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You need to create a Report DataPage based on your member Table. In your Shop table you should have Member_ID

Then you can read the values for this member from Shop table using SELECT statement. Refer to https://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_select.asp

For instance:

SELECT field name FROM table name WHERE condition

SELECT SUM(Shop A) FROM ShopTable WHERE Member_ID = [@field:Shop_ID] 

Another calculated field can be added for Shop B:

SELECT SUM(Shop B) FROM ShopTable WHERE Member_ID = [@field:Shop_ID] 


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