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Accepted SQL commands? Endless calculated field syntax errors


I admit to not being very good with calculated fields and SQL statements.  But I have been trying to understand.  Every example reference I get I double check and learn about at:  https://www.w3schools.com/sql/

But nearly everytime I do a calculated field it hates the syntax that I got from W3Schools or a Caspio forum user.

So for Caspio specifically, is there a finite and known list of SQL commands and syntax we have to follow - so we dont waste our time with fucntions that wont work in Caspio?

And are these correct assumptions?

  1. for number functions the number gets no quotes (ie WHERE field_name = 1) 
  2. for text string questions you do use quotes (ie WHERE field_name = "some text") 
  3. concluding semicolon not needed?  Get stuff to work sometimes with the ; sometimes or without it others
  4. Is table_name reference literally just the table name (ie contacts) with no formatting
  5. All references to a field must be in this format [@field:field_name]

I have tried some very basic forum suggested code and they always fail to verify. For example:

FROM table_name 
WHERE ID = target.[@field:incidentID]


select count(user_id) from table_name where CME_Category='Value'

What am I missing (other than basic skills ;^)

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You need to make sure the spelling of the fields and table names are the same as what you have in your table. If you have a static string in WHERE clause you need to wrap it in single quote not double quotes:

WHERE field_name = "some text " Should be WHERE field_name = 'some text'

When the field name in WHERE clause is the same as then one you are comparing it to you need to use "target.". For instance:

WHERE ID = target.[@field:ID]

So if you have: WHERE ID = [@field:incidentID] since ID is not the same as incidentID you do not need to use "target."

if you are getting a value from current table source you can get it from picker and it will be in this format: [@field:FIELDNAME]

You can also receive external parameters same way you receive then on DataPages in WHERE clause: [@PARAMETER NAME]

If this parameter is string wrap it in single quote.

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