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Two Variant Calculator

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There are two options available for my clients to choose: Number of Locations, and Number of Employees. 

After they choose those two fields, they get what it will cost them for the annual plan, and what it will cost for the monthly plan.

So essentially, I have two field to choose from, and then two fields that I want to show up depending on what the first two fields are that they chose.

The pictures listed below give you an idea of what I want. (I know it won't look the same)

I want those first two options: Locations, and Employees: on the first page, and then I want the two separate prices for each Monthly and Annually. 

I can give you the data, but that is company sensitive, so just let me know if you can help!


calculator p1.PNG

calculator p2.PNG

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I originally had the data all lined up in a horizontal line, but i  needed to have the data arranged vertically with: number of employees in one column, number of locations in another, and the price for each in the third column. I had to repeat the number of employees for each number of locations, to make this work.

If you have any questions just let me know.

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