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How can i Cascade info from submission form to a HTML block?



I have a pretty basic submission form with a dropdown menu with different job types. These job types are defined in a lookup table with "JobTypeID", "JobType" and "JobDescription"
When choosing the different job types I would like the job description to be displayed right under the dropdown menu. So far so good. Easy enought just using a virtual field and cascading elements to display the job description.

But how can i use this cascading "JobDescription" info in an HTML block and use my own html/css styling? 

I cannot use static info in the html block because of "Record level security" on the job type field.

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Hello LynnR!

There is a way to implement such workflow. You will need some adjustments to your datapage and a little snippets of code to insert. Find document with printscreens attached.

The logic of current datapage is:
A Virtual field will be hidden (we will cover it with two HTML fields and will set as "display:none"). A value from this field will be taken when it will be changed. Then this value will be passed to div in HTML block. You can adjust CSS for this field as you want.

The only thing you will need to customize in JS code (find this code as a 4-th part in document) is to find and insert the Class name of your Virtual field.

By default, the name of virtual field is “cbParamVirtualX”, where X is a number of field (Virtual1, Virtual2 etc).
Or you can do it use the developer tools of browser to find it.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding your issue.


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