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Hiding Duplicate Records with Same Field Value




I have a search and report page in which users can search based on multiple non-mutually-exclusive attributes. After selecting the attributes they want to search for, the report then pulls up records that correspond to any of those attributes. The results page is very simple-- it uses the ID for the record to display, and then there is a link that passes to a more elaborate details page that essentially just shows all of the information for that record, sort of like a card. However, because each attribute has a separate record that links to the same ID, it can show multiple results with the same ID. 

I want to write a script or something that will make it so that if there are multiple records with the same field value (the ID), it will only display one (by combining all of the records into one line or by hiding the others). Is this possible? 

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You have two options at this stage.

  1. If you have multiple records that share the same ID, then you need to reestructure your table as there must be a one to many relationship between them. Once you do that, you base your report in the unique records table. 
    Please review the following articles to make sure you understand table relationships and its importance:
    * Relationships
    Relationship settings
    * Managing relationships
  2. If you are not keen of getting your database properly configured as described in step one, then you can use Group option in the report datapage. This article will guide you through the steps.


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