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Store Virtual Field Value

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Hi - 

Can anyone help me with this?

I have a virtual field [dropdown] on a DataPage to allow me to redirect a user to different landing pages.

And I would like to capture the value from that virtual field and write it on my data table.

I am having trouble doing this.

Send help.

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I have the same issue. I'm using a virtual field to redirect based on the answer. For example, "Do you have Wi-Fi?" 

A "Yes" answer directs to page A (the second part of the form)

A "No" answer directs to page B (landing page)

I cannot figure out how to do these redirects w/o virtual fields, but I want to capture the user's answer from this question in my table.


I'm not a coder, just a hack. Did see the javascript solution, but not really sure how to implement this as I don't understand all the code.

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This howto documentation has instructions exactly how to do that. 

Please know that it is not necessary to use a virtual field. We can use a regular table field and add custom dropdown-values.

Then for our Destination Page URL,  you can just reference to your table field instead of a virtual field.


The record that will be inserted will have the destination page URL as the value of that field.

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