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Hi @cdutoit62,

I can suggest following steps to create your workflow:

1. Create a field in your table which will store an expiration date.

You can use DateAdd() function in the Formula field.


You can use Triggered action or Calculated Value form element if you don`t want to set expiration date manually. 

2. Create a Сonditional Rule on Details section of your Tabular Report.

You need to set up a Rule which compares the current date with the expiration date. 

Please add a Virtual field and assign a hidden form element to it with a Timestamp default parameter.

3. Make all fields editable on Details section (assign TextField form element).

4. Create a conditional Rule which will make fields "Display only" if the expiration date is less then the Virtual field.

You can check this article for further information about conditional rules:


Hope this helps.




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Thank for the advice Vitalikssssss

My details page is not tabular.  I'm not sure if that makes a difference but when trying to add a rule the virtual field is available but for some reason the calculated field in the table is not.  I also tried to create a calculated field on the details page but it still does not show up on the rules field picker.

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Hi @cdutoit62 ,

Please note that only editable fields available in Conditional Rules.


Note that only standard, editable fields may be used in Criteria and the following cannot be used:

  • File Fields, Calculated Fields, CAPTCHA, and Distance Search fields
  • Smart fields, such as Timestamp and Password
  • Secondary field used in multiple search criteria (such as in Date Range)
  • Localized Number and Date fields, such as dd/mm/yyyy formatted date.
  • HTML Blocks

It doesn`t make a difference if you use standalone Details page i.o. Details section from Tabular report from my example.

Hope this helps.




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