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Changing displayed width of form element display only



I have a report data page that utilizes a details page and on this details page, all fields are display only.  I am wanting to format the details page so that the information is displayed more consistently.  I see how text fields, for example, can be manipulated with the pixels and other options, but those options are not available when using display only.  All of my fields are display only as we do not want any editing of values on this data page. Was hoping someone could tell me how to control the width of displayed information for fields that are form element:display only?

I found the other thread on this topic, but it appeared to be referring to the label of the field, not the field itself.

Thank you in advance

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Padding increases the space between the heading tag and the field.  I believe the user is asking how to control the width of display-only data on a details page.  I have the same question.  I'm displaying two Text Area fields, and they're being displayed in about 1" columns, leaving several inches of blank space to the right.  Even the column heading (which I display above the field) shows on multiple lines.  How do I make these fields wider?

As a side note, why isn't there a field width setting available for read only fields?  Very frustrating.

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