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Calculated Values in Update Datapages



I am using the Calculated Value datatype in my submission form.  The update form for the same table needs to also have a calculated value that can change when the user input changes (like the one in the submission form has).  However that datatype doesn't seem to exist in the update forms.

I can't use tricks like hidden cascading autocompletes (as I use elsewhere) because the query is far more complex than a simple SELECT statement.

Any thoughts on how to get around this?

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You can do that with custom JavaScript so the value gets recalculated when user enters a new digit in your field. To make it easier, I would recommend this JS plugin: http://autonumeric.org/

If you share the calculation you need, the name of the editable field and the method you are using to deploy your datapage, I could help you with the piece of code you would need.


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