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Using a View for a dropdown lookup



I've got a problem. In one DataPage, there is a field called "Received By". This is a dropdown, and it is using a view to lookup the data. 

On the next DataPage, "Received By" displays numbers and not the name. 

I would use a table, but here is the problem. We have an employee table with over 100 employees recorded in it. We are using a view to cut that number down to only the employees in the Receiving Department. If I set the lookup from Received By to the employee table, I think this would work, but the users would have over 100 names to scroll through. 

I believe the number that is being displayed is the employee id number from the employee table. It's getting the data value that was inserted to the record but cannot connect that with the display value.

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I think you have configured the dropdown to display the employee id instead of the name.

For the below example, I set the "Field for display" the exact field that I want to see in the dropdown menu. In your case, check what field did you set for display. If you set the employee id as the field for  display, then simply change it to the employee name field.


I hope this helps. Thank you!

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Hey, @HampasLOUpa. The problem I am having is on the results page of a tabular search and report. The records in the results page are where the problem persists. It should be display only, so there is no Lookup Table to mess with. This is purely for reporting and no editing should take place in this page. All I want is to pull up information from previous records and display it. Everything is working except for this field, that is why I am so confused.

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