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Yes/No field



Hi all,

I want to do the following:

In my Report Tabular I show building projects.

If the checkbox "Actief" is Ja the project is live, otherwise "Actief" = Nee, the project is ready and closed.

When the project "Actief" = Ja then I want instead of Ja "Go to the project" with href='https://c1esh889.caspio.com/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'


See also https://c1esh889.caspio.com/dp/d856400060880bba71bc4e1d8594

How can I do that?




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Hello @wvantongeren To start, I am not sure what Ja and Nee mean, but I assume it is Yes/No respectively.

Edit your Tabular Report DataPage. 

On the Configure Results Page Field page, go to the "Acteif" field. Under Field Options in the Standard tab, Edit the Formatting.

Click Custom. Keep Format Type as Yes/No. Set Yes/No Display to custom. For yes, type "Go to the project".  For no, type "Nee" (Unless I have Ja and Nee switched up).



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Hi @wvantongeren,

I know it's too late to answer this question, but for future reference, you can use a Calculated Field in the Tabular report to check if the Acteif field is Ja or Nee. If Ja, display a link instead.

Here's a sample formula:

CASE WHEN [@field:Actief] = 'Ja' THEN '<a href="https://c1esh889.caspio.com/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx">Go to a new page</a>' ELSE 'Nee' END

Then, to render it as a link, add an HTML Block and display the result of this calculated field.


Lastly, hide the calculated field. To do that, add Header/Footer, paste this code in the Header: (The number inside this td:nth-of-type(5) determines what column number is the calculated field. In this sample, it will hide the fifth column)

#target table:nth-of-type(1) td:nth-of-type(5)  {display: none;}
#target table:nth-of-type(1) th:nth-of-type(5)  {display: none;}

<div id="target">

And this one in the Footer:


Don't forget to disable the HTML editor or click the Source button before pasting the codes.


You may refer to this link for reference: 



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