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Query String Values with Cascading Elements




I have a submission form with a popup link. The form has a Job dropdown element that is being used as a parameter to pass to the popup. When a Job is selected from the dropdown and the popup link is clicked, a List Report pops up and shows records related to the Job that was selected.

This works great. However, I need an element in the form to be cascading, and the Job dropdown has to be the parent field for this.

When I enable the cascading feature, my popup stops working. I get an Uncaught TypeError of null, stating that the parameter field name cannot be found. So, Job can be found before it is made a parent field for a cascading element, but once it is made the parent field, it stops working. 

Here is my code. 


var fieldName = "Job"; // The name of your table field.
var paramName = "Job"; // The name of your parameter

/* No modifications necessary beyond this line */

var inputField = document.querySelector('[action*="[@cbAppKey]"] #InsertRecord' + fieldName);
var linkToChild = document.querySelector('[action*="[@cbAppKey]"] #linkToChild');

var baseUrl = linkToChild.href; //do not touch
var moddedUrl = baseUrl; //do not touch

function updateLink() {
moddedUrl = `${baseUrl}?${paramName}=${this.value}`

['change', 'keydown','keyup'].forEach( function(e) {
    inputField.addEventListener(e, updateLink);

inputField.dispatchEvent(new Event('change'));

linkToChild.onclick = function() {
window.open(moddedUrl, '', 'resizable=no,status=no,location=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no,fullscreen=no,scrollbars=no,dependent=no'); return false;


Any help would be appreciated. This is maddening me, haha.

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I am thinking that the code above is selecting the element by ID. I found out that when making an element cascading, it changes from a static_id to something that changes every time with a key appended to it (example_12fasf34gasd)

If I am selecting the element ID above, could someone show me where I can change it to find by name? I think this would fix it.

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