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Formula field in another formula field.



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19 hours ago, JolliBeng said:

Hi AnchovyXL,

As far as I know, you cannot directly insert a formula field to another formula field. You need to copy the whole formula from your field 1 to field 2.



This is correct. For example.

Your Formula Field 1 has this formula:

[@field:First_Name] +' '+ [@field:Last_Name]

and then your Formula Field 2 has this formula: 

[@field:Balance] +  [@field:Current_Amount] -  [@field:Amount_Paid]

and you want your output to be like this:

"Jolli Beng  balance is $50"

You can put all those formula in one field. It should look like this:

[@field:First_Name] +' '+ [@field:Last_Name] +' balance is '+ ([@field:Balance] +  [@field:Current_Amount] -  [@field:Amount_Paid])


To do this, make sure that the names have the same Data Type otherwise, you should use Cast or Convert to change the Data Types.

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