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Updating a summary table prices off a big reference table



I have a default reference table with prices for different types of fruit - e.g. pear 1 $1.05, pear 2 $3.02, pear 3 $2.01, apple 1 $7.56, apple 2 $15.02.... and so on ... the list is ~200,000 rows long. I also have a summary table, which has different baskets price arrangements based on the reference table - e.g. basket 1 price=pear 1 + apple 5 + plum 11; basket 2 price = pear 5 + apple 7 + grapes 3; etc. What would be a good way to construct a tool which would allow DIFFERENT users to calculate basket prices using different fruit prices? E.g. User 1 wants to calculate the price for basket 1 by changing the price of pear 1; User 2 wants to calculate the price for basket 1 by changing the price of apple 5? I know I can copy through a triggered action the different basket component prices from the reference table to the summary table, though I need the reference table to stay unchanged, and I can't copy 200k rows every time a user updates a price. Any suggestions about a structure?

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It is possible to implement such a workflow using a tabular report and "custom" submission form. 

Please find the sample APP attached. 
First of all, our app needs to be authenticated. We will use the Users_ID value in the calculation.

We use three tables: Items, Users and Basket_tbl.
We need to create a Tabular report with inline insert and inline delete options. Users will add/delete new option to their basket using this report. 

In the very end of the tabular report, I have added the Iframe with the Calculated Value from the submission form. I just have hidden the submission button using CSS. It will display the total price of the basket.

To test the APP open the "Basket_tbl Search and Report" page with Deploy URL
Also enable the Deploy option of "Basket_tbl Web Form"

Credentials are: 

login: 1
pass: 1

login: 2
pass: 2

login: 3
pass: 3


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