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Acknowledgment Email Not Working... Right



I've got a tricky problem. This is for an Orders App. This is the 2nd to last step in the process, where we check the materials into our shop. The view that the datapage is working on is shown below, MCI_View. I have an Acknowledgment Email on this datapage that is not working properly. I can edit any field in a record on that datapage and the email will work - except when two specific fields are equal to each other. When Quantity_Received is set to equal Quantity_Ordered, the email will not trigger. This is the most used update we will have in the page.

I have deleted and recreated the page and the view. I have updated the view to not include ANY criteria - thinking the top argument may be the cause of the problem, no luck. Works with ANY update besides making Qty_Received equal to Ordered.





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For a little more insight into the problem - there are 3 tables being used in this app. The main table is Order_Table_Test. This is where all of the order records are saved. Job_Table is where the Job field is populated.

Ordered_By comes from the Employee_Table. Ordered_By is picked from a dropdown on the Order_Form Datapage. It looks up to the employee_Table, uses Name for the display value, and employee_Email as the saved value. This was originally my problem with why the Task wouldn't work - I had the Order Form saving the Name value instead of Email, so there was no email being saved to the table. However, I switched this and the Task works, the Shipping Confirmation email still works... The Material Check In does not.

The Shipping Confirmation view has logic set up the same exact way - messaging options are set up the same, and it works fine everytime. Which makes this a little more confusing.




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@TsiBiRu, thanks for the reply.

Here is an export of the datapage. Not all fields in the table need to filled out for this. If you like, enter in a test user in the employee table and create a test record using the Order Form. Make sure to make Quantity a number, so that in the Materials Check In page you can update Qty_Received to equal it to recreate the problem.

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