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Dynamic hide/show in dependent of the other field value

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I have an issue with the case on the report page,  where the field should be active for adding or visible (hidden before).


Details: I have a dropdown for answer revision with three status variants: Pending, Approved and Not Approved. The changes are provided via inline edit.

If the message status is not approved I should be able to write a comment, but for the other cases window should not appear or should not be editable. 


It would be nice if somebody can help me with this case.


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This solution is for hiding Inline edit elements for certain conditions on Report Data Page.
       For Hiding element with "Comment" label if value in dropdown with "Approved" label is not equal "Not Approved" If need can applied more complex conditions by  modifying If Statemets.


<script type="text/javascript">
        document.addEventListener('DOMSubtreeModified', function(){
            var InlineEditApproved=document.getElementsByName("InlineEditApproved")[0];
            var InlineEditComment=document.getElementsByName("InlineEditComment")[0];
            if(InlineEditApproved && InlineEditComment){
                if(InlineEditApproved.value!="Not Approved"){
                InlineEditApproved.addEventListener('change', function(){
                                if (InlineEditApproved.value=="Not Approved"){
                return false;


        InlineEditApproved-InlineEdit+(Name of dropdown)
        InlineEditComment-InlineEdit+(Name of comment label)
        Not Approved-Condition of dropdown element can be modified

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