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Rules: How to hide Sections with required fields

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I was trying to implement Rules on a Submission Form DataPage and was trying to hide a Section with required fields. I was wondering why I can't do so until a Support person pointed out on an article that it is not possible to hide a Section if there are required fields inside it.


I was wondering if there is something JavaScript can do with this.


Thanks in advance.




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Hi @TroubleShooter


You can to paste>modify this code in the Footer of your Submission Form (disable HTML Editor).

Virtual4 is a checkbox, but you may opt to use other field elements such as text fields. Just comment/uncomment the corresponding alternate lines.



  var cbx = document.querySelector('[id*=cbParamVirtual4]')
//var textbox = document.querySelector('[id*=InsertRecordmyField]')
  var tbl = document.querySelector('[id*=hideThisTable]')

//textbox.onchange = function(){
cbx.onchange = function(){
//if (textbox.value == "hidemyfield")
  if (cbx.checked == false)
    tbl.style.display = "none";

   tbl.style.display = "block";

var event = new Event('change');



Next thing is to wrap all the fields you wish to hide in 2 HTML blocks (Remember to disable HTML Editor from the Advanced tab).

*Note that it is able to span across sections.

HTML Block 1:

<table id="hideThisTable">




TL;DR / Preview



Once your page loads, if you check/uncheck Virtual4, it should toggle showing/hiding what's sandwiched within the <table> tag.


Hope this helps.




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First .. if you hide REQUIRED fields, then your form may never get submitted, as there could be a situation where they're not displayed. - That's why it's not something which is done.


For your situation - the fix is super easy.

(1) Create a checkbox/button in the form named "section2btn" or whatever you want (it can be virtual or part of your table)

Example:  Show More Questions:   [    ]  Yes

(2) Below the above checkbox -> Create a section (example "SECTION2") with your specific form questions applied to it - the ones you wish to hide and have required.



(3) Once you're done with all of your questions - make none of them required - then go back and select your check box above (named "section2btn") and create 2 rules for it.

(3a) Create Rule #1


Criteria   line_separator.gif?a=16.0
"section2btn" is not checked
Actions   line_separator.gif?a=16.0
Make Section2 hidden

(3b) Create Rule #2


Criteria   line_separator.gif?a=16.0
"section2btn" is checked
Actions   line_separator.gif?a=16.0
Make Q1 required
Make Q2 required
Make Q3 required
That should work for you.
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