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Rules to Calculate



Hello everyone!

I'm trying to create a HIDE AND SHOW function.

I know this can be doable using Conditional Forms.

However, according to my workflow, I'm going to need pretty much more than that.


So I have this Condition like

if (field1+field2) = "50"
then hide field3.

Can we do this on a Calculated Value. Like:

WHEN (field1+field2) = "50"
THEN hide field3.


However, I don't know what is the exact code to hide that field. Can we use CSS or Javascript. Like visibility:hidden or .hide()? 


It is related to this post 


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Hi Vanellope!

I think this would still be doable within the use of Conditional Forms.

You can create a Virtual Calculated Field for the formula, and then use it later on to the Rules.

1st step: Virtual field - Calculated Value.


2nd Step: Use the Virtual field to compare Values

RULE: VirtualField = 50
ACTION: Hide field3.

Not quite sure as well if you can use CSS or Javascript inside the CASE WHEN Statement as, I have not tried it yet.

Although, this would be a good workaround.

If you want to hide the Virtual Fields, you can do so, just visit this link.



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Hi @Vanellope,

I agree with with the previous comment, I've created a demo DataPage with the same workflow. I've created two virtual fields to receive user inputs and one calculated field to compute its sum.
If the sum is equal to 50, the field'Field to be hidden if sum is equal 50' will be hidden.

This is the deployed URL of my sample DataPage

I've also attached an exported copy of this DataPage is you want to see how it works.

I hope this helps




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