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Add new record from Tab Report

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Can someone help me with a JS that will add a record with parameters to a table by clicking on a row of a tabular report? Would also work if it was a link added to each row.

I'm trying to allow users to quickly create a list of favorites from a large database of docs.


Click on tab report row (or link) generated from "Docs" table > add new record to "Favorites" table  setting Favorites.DocID to Docs.DocID AND @UserID to Favorites.UserID

 Thank you!!



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1.       Create a favorite table  that includes these fields: Doc_ID, User_ID, DateAdded (Timestamp)

2.       Authentication this page

3.       Check to receive Doc_ID as a parameter

4.       Receive User_ID from Authentication

5.       Add an HTML Block to the end of element list and use this code to auto submit this page https://forums.caspio.com/topic/4314-js-auto-submit-a-datapage/


6.       In the report DataPage, add an HTML Block and Type in "Add"

7.       Highlight the test and click on hyperlink icon, paste the URL to this submission page and at the end add "?Doc_ID=[@field:Doc_ID]"

8.       Click on Target tab and select popup window.

This way by clicking on this link a popup page will open and add the record of the Doc to this table. If you create a report based on Favorite table and enable RLS on User_ID, each user can see the list of items they have added


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