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Open a file in the DataPage.



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Available as a premium add-on feature and included in some plans, Caspio FileStor CDN is designed to provide very fast and unmetered access to files and images used in your DataPages. 

Caspio FileStor CDN uses Amazon AWS CloudFront Content Delivery Network to place your designated files on many servers at different locations within North America and across the globe and automatically serves each of your users from the server closest to them.

FileStor CDN is used only for non-sensitive files and images. Sensitive files should never be distributed on FileStor CDN even if the DataPage is password protected. Just like any other web-based files, users may access FileStor CDN files via browser bookmarks or direct link even without using your Caspio application. Furthermore, these files may be indexed by search engines and made available in their search results.

For more information regarding benefits and use cases of FileStor CDN, please refer to this documentation: https://howto.caspio.com/files-and-images/filestor-cdn/

14 hours ago, kristina said:

You can also do that if you have enabled the FileStor CDN.

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