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Function of Replace from DataPage




I just want to ask questions regarding Replace DataPage function. For better understanding, head over to the DataPages and choose between any of the existing DataPages and click on More. There is the Replace feature but I have no idea what that means. Can somebody from you guys explain that feature? I am hesitant to use that (but I may need it in the future) and I'm afraid that I will lose all the configurations of my data. 

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Hi @joneslovescaspio,


I contacted Caspio Support and they have replicated the issue for me which I no longer need to do it myself as well.  Here are their steps of Replication:

1. We have created 2 DataPages (Test Replace, and Test Replace_1) and configured them differently. 
2. Then, we selected 'Test Replace_1' and selected More > Replace, from the DataPage. 
3. We were able to select 'Test Replace' and confirm the replace of the configurations of the DataPage from Test Replace_1 to Test Replace.

Upon success of Replace: All of the configurations from 'Test Replace_1' DataPage are transferred to the 'Test Replace' DataPage.

I have also attached their confirmation dialog box for reference. I hope this helps.

Replace Confirmation.png

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