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'Freeze' Field When Given A Value



I have Date/Time fields that take in a timestamp for each Status a record is updated to. This is so we can see how long it took to get to each phase of our work. The workflow I have works great, however, if an employee wanted to forge this value, they could quickly switch the status and switch it back, recording a new date for the status timestamp.

Is there a way to 'freeze', or disable, a field so that once it receives a value for the first time, that value can never be changed again?

I'm using Date/Time fields instead of Timestamps because these fields are based off a value from a dropdown and not just on update. There are many other fields that will be updated that would trigger the update timestamp when not intended to do so. Therefore, I need to stay away from Timestamp fields.

Here is the trigger that fills in the 'timestamp' fields. Here, you could see how vulnerable these fields are. They can easily be changed. I'm not sure if making the field 'readonly' through javascript would prevent the trigger from updating the field itself.



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