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Can Calculated Fields be passed from Wizard Page 8 to page 5 to be placed into HTML Block on pg5?



I'm primarily using Tabular DataPages.

My thinking was to create calculated fields to summarize data in the dataset and display these calculated fields using an HTML box on pg5.     An Example would be to summarize # of persons in a few key departments.

Obstacles so far:

- i'm not able to perform calculated fields on pg5
-  on pg12 I was able to hide a calculated field using rules and a section block, but in pg 8 i dont see options to do this here.  

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Hey @Elderberg,

Could you provide us an exported copy of the DataPage and Dependencies, or show us what you are trying to accomplish with Screenshots? Using page number on the wizard is not helpful, for it can change. 

A couple things to note - 

If you are using a View as your datasource for the tabular report, you need to make sure that the fields you want in the calculated field are pulled from the view. In other words, if you didn't select those fields when you first created the view, they won't be reachable with the calculated view.

If you are trying to create rules on elements/fields and it is not working - elements may not be display only. They have to be editable. If you are having trouble finding a field for a rule even after you've previously used it in a rule before, you need to separate the fields by Sections and hide the section - not the field. This way, you can use a field for multiple rules.

Another option you could try for summarizing the number of people in an apartment is to include a Formula Field in your table. Use the calculations you have made for the calculated field and use them here. 


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