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Email with Href different to display text not sending



Hi Guys,

So I have a customer registration setup that sends out an activation link to their registered email however I want the link in the email to say "Click Here to Activate Your Account" rather than display a link to the Caspio page.  So for example the code I have is as follows:

<a href="https://xxx.caspio.com/dp/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?CID=[@field:CustomerRandomID]">https://xxx.caspio.com/dp/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?CID=[@field:CustomerRandomID]</a>

With the above code it works and I receive the email however the link displays as "https://xxx.caspio.com/dp/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?CID=[@field:CustomerRandomID]"

When I change the code to:

<a href="https://xxx.caspio.com/dp/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?CID=[@field:CustomerRandomID]">Click Here to Activate Your Account</a>

In the Edit view for the email message it shows it all as expected and valid code however no emails are being sent out? (If I change it back everything works again).

Not sure if something needs to be done differently or its a bug?


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Both syntax seems to be correct.

Try to hover over the link and see if it points to the correct URL.

If you are testing this on mobile,  just check the opened URL (applicable on desktops too).


Ultimately, the main purpose of the <a> tag is to serve as a link to another page.

If the link does not direct to the correct page, try to save a blank HTML first on that field before saving the new one. I have had encountered an intermittent issue in the past where the updated HTML syntax is not reflected on the actual DataPage.


Hope this helps.

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