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API: Error on update record with triggered action



When updating a record using the REST API, I encounter the following error:

"Code":"TriggerRuntimeError","Message":"Data change cannot be performed due to triggered action failed. Please contact administrator."

The table has a triggered action to send an email anytime a record is updated or inserted.

The really strange part is that everything works perfectly fine when using chrome.  The error is only thrown in mozilla and only thrown when updating a record.  Inserting a record works as expected.

I am using php & curl to make the requests.


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Hi, just to update this post about this kind of error. 

Most likely your API profile doesn't have permissions to all affected tables. It should have at least read permissions to all tables that you are using in select in your trigger, and you need to have update/insert/delete permissions to the tables which are used in update/insert/delete actions. 

You can check the permissions by going to Account > Access Permissions > Web Services Profile, then selecting the Swagger profile you are using and clicking edit. Ensure that 'Enable access to all objects' and 'Profile can create objects' are enabled in the Permission section.

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