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How do I best trigger a mass insertion of records to a table ?

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Hello, I am building my first caspio db/app and I would like advice about the best way to handle the mass insertion of 100-200 records to a table once my end user enters a small number of fields. I have described the table structure and initial criteria as well as my questions below. Thanks in advance!


  • Tables involved:
    • 3 tables (client, funder, client-funder match)
    • Records already exist on the first two and the mass store is to the third match table
    • Both the client and funder tables share a common field, Issue Area
  • How it works in my mind:
    • The user goes to the starting datapage and chooses the client and the issue areas (preferably multiple but could do one at a time) and clicks a button "Find Funders"
    • Then magic happens*
    • The user gets a response saying they have successfully matched to funders in those areas with a link to a datapage  which lists them all.

* In other systems I have built outside Caspio, the magic would involve a behind-the-scenes query to pull all funders with one of the issue areas in the criteria and would store a record to the match table with the client + funder+ issue area of match

It sounds like I might be able to use triggered actions, although the article I found seems more geared to actions attached to a table which then do something to certain records....whereas here the trigger is submission of a button. Also I read in some posts about hidden datapages (to handle the "magic" processing), but would love for someone to give me just a little more guidance so I don't waste a lot of time ;-) 

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Hello @MrsWhitebread,

To achieve this workflow, create a view for client-funder table based on the matching issue area.  Then create a report DataPage using the view as the data source and filtered on predefined criteria. Pass search values for client, funder and issue area of match as parameters to the DataPage. It will then pull the matching results based on the specified criteria.

I hope that helps.

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