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Wordpress Deployment Overrides Caspio Settings



Dropdown Listboxes are  configured in Caspio to show 5 rows before scrolling is required.  Wordpress deployment only shows the first row before scrolling is required. 

This makes for an undesirable user experience and any help fixing it would be greatly appreciated. I prefer a solution that does not require using iFrames.

Top image is the Caspio configuration. Lower image is what it looks like on Wordpress.



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Hello @glissando,


You may try adding this style in the Header of your DataDage configuration (HTML Editor disabled from the advanced tab).

  select[multiple] {
    height: 100% !important;

Note: If the form element is a Listbox, Setting the height to "100%" will follow the rows specified in Caspio(shown below). You may opt to set this value to a fixed value such as "100px" so your Listboxes are of uniform height.



Hope this helps.



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In addition, if you wish to dynamically set the height of the listbox, you may add the code below on the Footer of your DataPage (HTML Editor disabled from the Advanced Tab).


The pre-requisites for this to work is that the CSS rule posted above is in your header, and that the "Allow multiselection" option is checked OR with some JavaScript, you have set your dropdowns to allow multiple selection.



document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function() {

  document.querySelectorAll('select[multiple]').forEach(function(elem) {
	elem.size = elem.length;


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