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Save Value in Sub Form Even If Field Is Hidden



I've got a submission form that has a lot of fields. With a combination of Radio Buttons and Rules, I was able to shorten the submission form for what the user needs. The way the workflow is set up is perfect, however I have noticed that if you previously put values into a field and afterwards it was hidden, the values are not captured on submit. This is the only problem I can't seem to find a workaround for. 

The Radio Buttons for Job Type decide what fields you see on the screen. If it is for a new window, all of the fields you need for that are there. But, what if the customer wanted a new window AND a new screen? With this set up, I would have to create 2 separate records to accommodate the different Job Types. I want to eliminate that.

Is there a better way to improve this workflow to capture any field that was given a value, hidden or not?

A screenshot of the submission form follows. 


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For anyone interested in a workflow like this, I have found a solution. Instead of using Radio Buttons for Job Type, and only getting 1 set of fields per radio button, I switched Job Type to a List String datatype. It is now a multi select listbox. Instead of saving values from hidden fields, I am just showing all needed fields.

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