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Adding more filters to results page possible?



Is it possible to add additional filters to a results page. For example if my search returns 100 records in a results page, can you then add an additional filter or search of those results to filter it down to 10 targeted records.  Sort of like autotrader.com does when you do a search....   Sorry if this is an 'amateur' question (which I am), new to Caspio and I can't find this anywhere. 

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Hi @SteveT,

If you want to add filters, you can add search fields on your Search page and you can also set your form to have the search and results on the same page so you can see the filtered records right-away upon searching. Also, make sure that the logic that you are using is "AND".  You may refer to the screenshots below:





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Hi @SteveT,

As far as I understand, you want to have second/another search within the primary search. Basically, search again after in the filtered result.

If that is what you want then I suggest that you follow these process:

 (1) Create a Submission form with Virtual field(s) *for your first search/filter -> check "OnExit" in the advance option and change the parameter name ->  then paste the next URL (the search and report DataPage):


(2) Create a Search and Report DataPage then in the configuration of search field(s), received the parameter that is being passed.  Then follow the 2 scenarios below:

Case 1 (Search with a different field):

If the first search is to filter the initial result then you will do search again with a different field then do this process:



Case 2 (Search with the same field):

If you will also search with the same field to get a result then do this process:



Let me know if you have further questions.

I hope this helps :) 



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