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Create New Record If Value Is Not Found



I am working on a Clients database and a Work Order database. They go hand in hand; when a customer calls, we search for them in our clients database and click a button that pulls up a Work Order submission form. 

Right now I have a button in the Client Report that sends the record key from the Client record to the Work Order submission form.

<button class="workorder" onclick="OpenPopupCenter('https://xxxxxx.caspio.com/dp/e75050009fd4376ea---------?CG_Client_ID=[@field:CG_Client_ID]', '', 800, 900);">Start Work Order</button>

At this point, the Customer Name, Address, Number, etc. is automatically populated from the record of which the popup button was clicked. Obviously, I have a submission form to enter new Clients into the Client Database.


I have a Blank Work Order popup that just pulls up the Work Order submission form completely blank. Is there a way to have the information entered into the Blank Work Order submission form create a new record in the Client Database if that info isn't already there? In other words, if a Blank Work Order is submitted, I would like the values to loop through the Client Database and create a new client record if there isn't a match on first + last name, or something along those lines.


I'm not sure of a better title for this - sorry. Picture of Work Order form below. The first 5 fields are what would create the new Client record.


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