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Line Chart time series



Hi I have data in the form

Record Name, Temp 36hr Temp 60hr, Temp 96hr in a table 

Lotname Temp 36hr Temp 60 hr Temp 96 hr
PRV160719 39.9 47.2 43.1
PRV170719 39.9 47.2 43.1
PRV180719 33.6 43.3 42.1
PRV190719 38.4 48.1 42.5
PRV220719 47.7 43 46.3
PRV230719 34.4 49.1 45.7
PRV250719 35.6 46.3 46.9
PRV260719 40.8 40.1 41.2
PRV310719 43 48.2 44.2
PRV010819 37 44.8 45.5


I want to have a line chart that plots each one of these lots temp on a line graph as per below 

I cant find a way to have the field name as the Category label on the x-axis and then plot the 3 temps for each lot.

See my attached chart from google sheets.




Fermentation Process.png

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Hi @Corpcatalog,

You can build such Chart in Caspio but you would need to modify your table first.

You table should look like the following:


You can build the following Chart once you transform your table:


You may import attached Datapage to your account in order to see the settings for the Chart Datapage.

Hope this helps.






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Thank you very much - this seems like a very strange way to record the data though just so it can be plotted on a graph that other applications could do with ease. I dont really understand a line graph that only plots a series by record no a series for a record across fields.

Anyway thanks for the work around. As the data is manually collected in the field I will transpose it 



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