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Embeded Code Not Working In Weebly



I have several pages on my Weebly website that have Caspio embedded code including a registration DataPage. They have been working for several years.

Now, I notice that the embedded information is not displaying. Instead, there is a message that says 'click here to load page'.

Making it complicated, the first part of the message is a link to the Caspio website, not the DataPage. It is all in small script making it hard to read/understand, and misguiding people to the Caspio link as the first and most commonly chosen option). 

When I look at my Caspio DataPage set up and try to deploy, there is a message --- "This DataPage may not work properly when embedded because your custom JavaScript contains document.write() and/or page load event. To avoid any rendering issues, please revise your JavaScript. Learn more. "

I can't figure out what has to be done based on the 'learn more'. 
I'm not a coder - That is why I use Caspio.

Is there an easy workaround?

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Hi @DonateGoodStuff,

I believe you have used legacy format embed code for deploying your Datapages. 

Caspio has introduced Asynchronous loading of their Datapage a year or so ago and they also changed the format of embed code.

Async loading gives a better performance for Datapage loading.

Some Javascript events such as document.write(), onload() is not supported with Async loading.

I assume that you have some Javascript (perhaps from TechTips section in HowTo) in either Header, Footer, HTML blocks which has described Javascript event handlers.

I can suggest contacting Caspio Support who can help you to resolve this type of issues.



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