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  1. I'll try that, thank you
  2. Would there be a way to do this and hide results page fields? I have a report that produces editable fields; but I want to set a rule that if an auth field is not equal to a field in the table, I want them to see but not be able to edit. Worst case, I'd take just hiding the field all together... EDIT: for clarity - instead of hiding by identifying the <div> I want to perform the function by identify a results field as seen in the picture.
  3. Are you using the HTML page for your landing page? The next thing would be to make sure your script is sending you to the site properly. It looks like the page refresh is getting lost somewhere. Does this help?
  4. I've found an issue doing a left-outer self-join. I can't get any criteria to work for what should be a simple left join; does anyone have any ideas? One table, relevant columns are:CID (Number) - ID number to join with other tables (other tables not relevant in this instance, relationship has not been defined in Caspio)VID (Text[255]) - Name of the Vendor usedEndDate (Date/Time) - Date that the relationship with the Vendor endedLet's have 3 people:John Doe - CID 1Billy Bob - CID 2Fat Joe - CID 3Table Enteries are as follows:1, HR, *null*1, Surefire, *null*1, Vantage, *null*2, HR, 01/01/20162, Surefire, 01/01/20163, HR, *null*3, Vantage, *null*Table should join to itself (left outer) with the CID as the relationship join. What I want to see is anyone with a *null* value for the HR end date and their corresponding Surefire information. View should populate as:1, HR, *null*, 1, Surefire, *null*3, HR, *null*, *null*, *null*, *null*I can't get the criteria right to do this. When I restrict the criteria for the self-join to only join if the right table VID entry is "Surefire" it restricts all the results by that field. The view I end up with is:1, HR, *null*, 1, Surefire *null*