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Profile picture selection using image preview vs. list



The title does not explain I am sure.. I bulk uploaded a bunch of .png files to a folder in the structure. I created a data page for new contacts as a submission form. I want the user to select a profile pic from the uploaded pics. It works as expected but is there a way to let the person who is selecting the profile picture to get a preview of the pic vs. a list of the filenames?


Hope that makes sense, TNANKS for the help and any suggestions!


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Maybe I can just do something else here... is there any way to set a default image to a submission form into a file/picture field.  Would be great to set up a random file from a directory but to be honest if I can just get a default image to be added to a table without the user needing to select it..   I have a form submission for new user.. they enter their information and the system adds a default picture to the profilepic field.. seems simple but not that I can find... any suggestions?

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Hi @Mikey,

I think what you can do is have a lookup table for your default image and get the FileStor link to your Submission Form as Calculated Value for the image link to be saved in your table. You might refer to this post and article about FileStor CDN: 


By means of Calculated Value, you can get the value in your field by using SQL: 

Calculated Value: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/datapage-components/calculated-values/

I hope it helps!


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