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Record Level Security With Multiple Values Per Record



I am looking for a way to allow record level security with multiple records per user without a name/email field. 

I found a way to do this through views, however, my data table is 10 GB, so if I have two users that have access to all records, then the data will be 20 GB, and I will be out of space. With this method, I envision my storage would be well over 100 GB when I only have 15 GB of space.

Below is my Authentication Table. I have two records for the same user because I want them to have access to the two different County Records (Waukesha and Milwaukee). The county field is also in the data table. I was hoping to use the County fields as the record level security field, however, the datapage only shows the records with the first record from the Auth table. In this case, it only shows the records with Waukesha.

Is there a way to have the auth table allow multiple records per user instead of just the first? Again, I understand if I stamped the email into the data table, I could get this initial result. My problem with this is that I need multiple users to access the same records, and If I duplicate the records through a view, my table becomes way too large so this is not an option for me. 

Is there any other way?


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