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Datapage report - Count number of each type of response in a column?



I have a training feedback survey that asks users to rate several factors on a scale of 1-5. I want to create a summary report that shows for each question how many people chose each response.

So my data table is columns with values 1-5. I want the data to look like the following:

Question 1

Rating    Count

5            4 people

4            3 people

3            0 people

2            1 person

1             0 people


How would I do this? I'm assuming I'll have to use an HTML block but I don't know how to get started or where to find resources to figure this out. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello @Morris

To implement such a workflow you need to create the table with such a structure:

Question_ID    Rating
1                              1
1                              2
1                              3
2                              1
2                              2
2                              3
3                              1
3                              2
3                              3

Then you may create additional calculated field in the Tabular Report and use the following formula :

SELECT COUNT(User_ID) FROM Survey_Table WHERE Questions_ID = target.[@field:Questions_ID] AND Rating = target.[@field:Rating]

Change the names of the table and fields according to the names in your account.

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