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Cascading Dropdown corrupted by location.reload()



I created a file that explains an issue that has permanently destroyed the functionality of cascading dropdowns on a Details datapage.  However, I'm unable to upload that file due to size limitations here.  The file can be accessed via Ticket #: 36974.

The issue is associated with implementing (via button press) the statement "location.reload()".  W3Schools says this is supposed to act the same as the browser's reload function; however, it has corrupted my cascading dropdown boxes to the point where they no longer properly display items within the item list box.  The real issue is that I have removed the code, but cannot retrieve functionality of the dropdowns even when I deleted the affected dropdowns and reinsert them into the datapage.




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You can try using the Revision History of that page and restore the version before you applied the "load.reload()" function and see if that will help. Although you might lose other progress/changes that you made. There is an option to restore as a new DataPage if you want to be safe.

HowTo Article about Revision History: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/managing-datapages/datapage-revisions/

Also, when trying the restored version, try enabling Deployment and using the URL in incognito (if Chrome) or other browser's as this may still show as the current version due to cache.


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