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Hello @CClabaugh,

Generally it is possible with JavaScript code. 

Since Caspio uses the Highcharts library to render Chart DataPages, you may refer to the Highcharts documentation to lean more about Chart`s customization https://api.highcharts.com/highcharts/ 

I used the code from this Forum post and modified it to change the legend width. It works on my side.

document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', chartUpdateHandler)

function chartUpdateHandler(event) {

var cleaner = function(interv) {

let interv = setInterval(() => {

  var chart =  Highcharts.charts[0];
  if(!chart) return;
          legend: {
              width: 500      


    }, 200);

Please paste this code to the Footer section on the  "Chart Wizard - Configure Chart Options" screen of your DataPage. 

Do not forget to disable the HTML editor on the Advanced tab before pasting the code.

I put the legend width as 500 px, please use the value that you need.

Hope this helps. 

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